3 Mai 2019

Fatigue, my friend, you are still here… sometimes more, sometimes less, but overall, you are a faithful buddy – always around, when I don’t need you!

I am struggling with all and you don’t help – no, not at all – you are a burden! I try to arrange myself with your presence, but as my work hours increase, it gets harder and harder… please, pack your things and go! I tried, but you make everyday life tiring – I am doing my best to make our relationship work and you show no effort!

I am nevertheless happy and nothing will take it away – everything might be harder with you, fatigue, but it is all worthwhile and I have a long breath….

I leave the office on an energy low, do ‚t know how to handle the rest of the day and my kids are the ones, who have to cope with me, but we find ways and I go to bed with them…. dog-tired – but happy!

What I really had enough of though, is bad news in our cancer community…. and it makes me awefully sad and speechless! Good night and bring on the good news, the miracles and positive results! It’s about time!

Beteilige dich an der Unterhaltung

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