5 Mai 2019

Yeah, I lost my voice… great! I am not surprised though… every time I do too much, I survive for a while and then my body stops me! Natural emergency break 😉

Therefore I rest today and the only activity is to go with Markus and the kids to a special „my first time at the movies“ at the Lumen cinema in Düren! What a lovely idea on a rainy day! The light is only dimmed, the sound not too lound and the movie is Janosch’s „Trip to Panama„! The little girl inside me is over the moon and so are my kids, as they inhale their little popcorn bags commenting every move the little tiger and the little bear make!

My first ever cinema movie was the Junglebook! I still remember the excitement, the cosy little cinema with the little lamps on each table…. the big lady selling ice cream. What was your first cinema experience?!

I am off to bed trying to get fit for another two working days – we are trying five hours a day during the last week of my reintegration! A „Go get ‚em, tiger 😉“ is nowadays a „just try to stay afloat“! The days are gone, where I need to prove anything to anyone. My well-being and my kids are my first priority!

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