6 Mai 2019

Mi mi mi…. Sick at home and you know what?! I fall as I say goodbye to my kids, try to push Mia away not to hurt her, fall full speed on my dodgy finger, bruise my knee and hit my nose on Leo’s helmet…. It hurts, I think I will get a very bruised nose and am glad I do not wear glasses!

Resting today is good for my voice, but will see what tomorrow will bring!

My lungs are sore, I think about metastasis, but then I realize that I always have that issue since my pneumonia…. oh well! I guess it won’t hurt to make an appointment with my oncologist since the start of my bisphosphonate therapy has been delayed until my teeth are ok and that will yet be another few weeks.

What a luxury to only have first world problems and I don’t let them spoil my happiness, as I am overall jolly, healthy and cancer free…. and I am well aware of how lucky I am, as cancer strikes our little community like a hurricane. Brutal and at full speed! Yes, there are a lot of success stories, inspiring and uplifting, but that does not make the bad news any better! Moaning does not either though…. and therefore we have to – despite the terrible losses – believe in miracles!

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