9 May 2019

#cancerfreethursday and being sick in bed, makes me scroll through my old pictures….what did I do in the past?!? Travel?!? Traveling broadens your horizon and I am lucky to say that I could actually earn money while traveling! It’s the people we meet, the situations we have to go through the barriers we have to overcome!

I am sitting on a bus in India – travelling all by myself – we have already travelled for a good 12 hours and we have a flat tire. I thought that it was a one way street, as it is awfully narrow, but no… it is not and next to our bus is a steep cliff. I am happy though and proud! I find my way!

The cancer journey is the same – a balancing act, just without the foreign cultures (well, most of the time)….. new experiences, challenges, different territories, acquaintances, memories – and a steep cliff!

Looking back, my traveling was often a running away from things and people! That has changed and I no longer need to run away! It is not true that I had no worries prior to cancer – I had them, just different ones, but at the time they sometimes seemed life changing 😉

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