12 May 2019

I am in awe to see all the enthusiasm and excitement in the cancer community leading up the the launch of our first podcast episode on Tuesday. Wow! Thank you!!

People are sharing and they are talking about it and that is exactly what we need and that is our aim – let’s talk about cancer!

Nicole aka „Prinzessin uffm Bersch“ posted an article about our podcast on her blog! If you don’t know her yet, please check her out – not only is her blog a wonderful place packed with information, stories and helpful links for patients and anyone, who is in contact with cancer, but this woman – a breast cancer survivor herself – has the biggest heart, is also single mum of a multiple handicapped son and a true inspiration.

Talking of which – I love her wonderful, honest, funny and sensitive son with the nicest smile and the way they show how inclusion works in their little cosy world and not always in the outside world.

Thanks for being our friend, for all your work and for sharing our podcast – sharing is caring!

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