16 May 2019

What a day – what a child free day and yet, I rush through it in a blast…. yes, I could say that I miss my kids, but there is no time today, as I work, have lymphatic drainage and an interview date in the afternoon!

Roche started „Das K Wort“ (the big C) as Facebook and Instagram profiles, but completed it with a hub – a website – bundling all subjects around cancer in a successful attempt to raise awareness, inspire, encourage and broaden ones horizon!

The newest feature in their repertoire is a podcast and following my blogger friend Don, I had the honour to be part of the team producing a podcast for „Das K Wort“ today! The afternoon is spend talking, running around a huge maize of beautiful lofts and laughing! What a nice experience!

One of the „K Wort“ gang was in Cologne today and we finally met for the first time – it was a pleasure, Agnes!

My #cancerfreethursday (#krebsfreidonnerstag) is all about the subject cancer, but it is a choice I make and a heartfelt matter to continue working in this field despite the fact that I am cancer free! I call myself lucky that I have a choice how much cancer I let into my life and finish the day with yin yoga…. Namaste!

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