19 May 2019

Challenges – isn’t life full of challenges?!? Mine is right now, but I am adding another one, as I love them! The spice of life! Cancer and it’s aftermaths is playing a more and more minor character, but it led me to look after myself more!

I love my child free weekend!! Thanks Mum ❤️

Saturday, after a lazy day scrolling around the flea markets, I take part in a four hour „full moon women’s cyle“ at I’m possible yoga with Rebecca and Steffi. I have never done anything like it and the only association to full moon I have, is weird dreams and cranky people. It is all about letting go of what no longer serves you and finding your creativity! After a yoga session, we are outside, with a little chill, a hot chocolate and candles.

Now what can I say? It was magic and I felt a very close bond, at ease and extremely comfortable, as I hear the leaves dance in the wind and little raindrops touch my skin, while listening to Steffi’s southing voice. What am I taking away?

I start today with my first ever morning routine, as my kids are still away and I take the time to find something I might be able to build into my normal life! 5 minutes meditation and 5 minutes yoga! I get inspired by Mady Morrison, but there are lots of mediations and yoga routines on YouTube. Check out the meditation apps Headspace and 7Mind or the podcasts of Christine Raab (a fellow breast cancer buddy), Laura Malina Seiler and Mo Engelbrecht only to name a few. If this is all not your cup of tea, simply listen to our podcast – 2 Frauen, 2 Brüste 😉

The challenge is to start every day this week with this little morning routine. Do you have a morning routine? I know it is a bit hip to have one and I am not the person to get up at 5.00am for a two hour session, but I might actually manage a little kick start of 10 minutes 😉

I finally spray all the lits of my storage glasses and label them, sorting my mess in a creative way and after months of being stuck, I get the laptop out and re-write the beginning of my book, as it starts raining – beautiful! Here is to creativity!

Now I am waiting for my kids to come home – have a great week!

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