25 November 2017

I did buy RevitaLash today and apparently this is the hot stuff you need, if you are loosing lashes due to chemo and there is even a chance that they regrow during chemo!?!? Katie recommended it and sent me a kit with more of their products! Thank you – I am super excited and shall report 🙂

Despite the fact that I feel fit, but am extremely annoyed with the coughing… there seems to be no improvement whatsoever, but then again, I went out quite late last night…. whatever! I just take what the doctor perscribed, have tons of cough sweets and drink plenty of water…

We had a relaxing day visiting Carla’s family, I took Leo to the children’s theater, met the girls and tonight Pam is babysitting, as Kotchi & Patrick have their birthday bash at Nachtschwärmer. Despite having a sore chest and being tired, I still have this urge to go out and feel alive, but will try to talk less….No rest for the wicked 😉

It was a lovely night, but my head almost explodes from coughing as I ride home…


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