26 November 2017

Today, Kathrin (who I know from two baby courses), was selling at a kids flea market and will donate all on my behalf to the Rexrodt von Fircks Stiftung. Therefore I had to go and give her a few things to sell as well. Including donations, she made a total of €100! The organisation focuses on the children of breast cancer patients and offers a rehab programme by the sea, where mothers and their children recover together. At the breast cancer day, they explained to me that they have separate activities for the children, as I was worried first that I would actually not recover, if the children are with me all the time. I have their details and am still considering, if this will be the right rehab for me, as Mia is quite young, but will probably go for it. Regardless if this will be my rehab, I think it is a wonderful approach worthwhile supporting!

I went to see Maja for a quick tea afterwards and suddenly I feel weak – had to leave the party last night early as well and feel like it is getting worse… Therefore I have a stay at home day for the rest of the day without speaking and I shall do the same tomorrow morning!

Thank you, Kathrin!


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