27 November 2017

Oh well, where do I start – yes, I am still coughing and yes, it feels like there is no improvement whatsoever!!! I have enough! I cough all night, my lungs are hurting and by times I feel I will throw up… and I get headaches. I am never ill and I get a headache max. every second year… The solution – yet another visit to the ENT doctor. Blue tongue, laser, I shall no longer use the spray, but cough sirup instead, shall inhale and see them again tomorrow….. Straight to the physiotherapist for lymph drainage, acupuncture and the infrared lamp. This time I do not get the long term acupuncture needles to see, if it makes a difference 😉

I do inhale NaCl with a glass inhaler, which I got 2014, when I had the vocal cord infection – it looks a bit like a pipe and is actually the least messy solution. I feel already a little bit better!

Today is our traditional Christmas cookie baking bash with my cousin and all the kids…. I do manage to prepare the dough just before they arrive, but the last lot just does not seem to  stick well enough – we try all… more butter, more fridge time, but nothing helps and these are the ones the kids are supposed to decorate 😦 well, as they leave we figure that I put by accident the double amount of flour…. ahhhh!!! Fixed the dough and will have to find time tomorrow sometimes to bake them by myself now – that was not the idea 😉

I shall skip yoga today, as all week is packed and I need to be fit – I really miss yoga, but I figured that my voice needs a rest! This is what bothers me most – I really want to do things and my body stops me…. well, after almost four weeks this simply must get better now!

Concerning the psychooncologist, the health insurance does not want to pay for the one I picked, but I had to contact a central service team of the „Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Nordrhein“, who promised to find someone on my behalf this week. Fingers crossed – I will see the one I found next week anyway and pay myself!


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