28 November 2017

What a day! Well, it started easy with a yoga massage – pure bliss!

Dr. Zenev makes sure there is no infection in my throat, fungus is gone, blood is ok, but he reckons since I am there, I might as well have another laser session and he is such a fun character and really makes me laugh! Cough Sirup for another day, but also an aerosol and the stuff Dr. Reiser prescribed again….. somehow I think it is getting better – I can actually talk a little bit. Dr. Zenev tells me to go to sleep, when I get home, but I have two kids, I am booked into a nude art session tonight and have my company’s Christmas party tomorrow….hmmm, I promise to sleep early after chemo on Thursday 😉 and I am seriously considering not going to the running mamas tomorrow for the first time since my operation!

I see my gynecologist for a prescription, get all medication and rush to Holweide to see the psycho oncologist Beate Rahn. She actually tells me to see her again in two weeks time. I had a bit of an eye opener today and despite the fact that the intuition center visit with her was a bit too spiritual for my likings, I think I might go for a free test session.

Hush hush home to meet the kids, take Leo to kids gym, quick tea with Lea and her dad and rush home to bake those cookies with the kids and Steffi. It is actually really cute how Mia and Leo are rolling the dough and both seem to have a flour fetish…. they put it on everything and the stuff is everywhere!

Markus comes home and I rush off to the nude art session. I am late, but it is nice and relaxing. I wonder why the model always looks at me, but then she asks me during a break, if I can give her one of my candies…. hmmm… had just finished them. Sorry!

Laser girl in action!

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