5 January 2018

Long live Cortisone – despite a dreadful night with Mia being awake next to me from 2 til 4 and me slipping on the wooden floor in the morning, when dashing over to Leo and bruising my wrist and knee, I feel great and well recovered from chemo. I do the Kindergarten run, sort out my taxi rides to chemo, off to the ‚village‘ and Cortisone is giving me rosy cheeks. Hair is also still there 😉 Whoohooo!

Today I want to mention the importance Instagram has suddenly gained in my life. I had an account, but never used it and was told that I should post my blog entries on Insta, which I have been doing for a while now. I have now connected with so many fellow cancer patients and it has a certain dynamics I do not want to miss any longer… we are all in different stages, one girl has been diagnosed the same week as me and she posts the funniest videos, we share the good and the bad, chat, but most of all, we can truly understand each other, as we are all experiencing the same thing ❤️ Thank you #Instafriends – I am glad I stumbled into this world!

I nap at lunchtime and when I wake up, I am suddenly really sad again – and exhausted. This afternoon I take the kids to Michael and Tina’s to take the ornaments off their Christmas tree Dorothea. It is one of Michael’s annual celebrations with Christmas leftover drinks, food & cookies, which I really enjoy – as any of his events. Markus joins us on the way and he and the kids are staying for pizza, but I have to leave early, as my friend and colleague Niko is taking me to Gloria – one of my favorite event locations – for a Wladimir Kaminer reading – the guy is really funny …. just the right remedy!

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