6 February 2018

What a day, but some things need to be done!

I see Prof. Dr. Breidenbach to get my MRT results. There is still a 4mm tumor visible on the MRT, but all is good. She is currently considering to only remove the tissue around the tumor, then see if there are cancer cells in the ducts between the two tumors and if not, plan radiation as the next step, but will consult with Prof. Dr. Warm. Oh well, my duty is now to recover and get some strength for the operation and the next steps 😀 No problem there….

I drop off yet another sick notice at work and visit the DKMS life offices, where I meet another Insta cancer girl. The cosmetic seminars for cancer patients, which they offer complimentary, are wonderful and I am happy to support them by sharing my point of view as a patient.

The afternoon is filled with more admin work in hospital Holweide… the administration when you have cancer is a part time job in itself, but the social services help me to apply for the handicapped pass and I look forward to all the benefits!

It is snowing, the tube system has it’s issues with it and I have to dash with fireman Leo to a dress up kids gymnastics session….pfew…. I am happy that Mum is arriving (with loads of schnitzels and potatoes ;)) to support me.

Tonight is our regular dinner date with the girls and look forward to a quiet evening before my LAST chemo tomorrow! I cannot believe that chemo is almost over….. somehow I am a bit sentimental. The weekly routine has given me a rhythm, something to do and somehow a regular life – will there be emptiness in my life?!? No! There is Karneval, Bali and the prep for my operation to fill the gap, therefore I am not really concerned 😉




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