7 February 2018

Today’s taxi driver did drive me a few months ago, when I was still on EC and he is sooo excited drive me to my LAST chemo 🎉

The health insurance calls me, just as my blood is being tested, to tell me that I am allowed to go away for two weeks, but not outside Germany….. I don’t care, I will go, even if they do not pay my sick benefits – who cares?!?? I still have savings 😉 so far the AOK NordWest were brilliant, apart from the ridiculous amounts I had to pay for the wig, which I have accepted …. despite the fact that it lives a sad life in the cupboard, I use it like an emergency blanket…. – let’s see what will happen – I really don’t care right now as long as my kids are ok and continue to have their rhythm while I am away 😀

As chemo runs through, I notice that they forgot the cooling pads….. maybe because nurse Fassbender is not there?!?! I do have to say good bye to her! My eyelids are so heavy…. I cover myself with my coat and literally sleep as my head hits the backrest of my chair….

“Frau von Korff?!?!” I open my eyes in panic and dash up “Did I snore?!? ” I was deep asleep and even dreaming ❤️…. “Noooo, you are done!” I cannot believe it! My LAST chemo is over 😎 just like that – nothing I had to do 😉

I thank the team, Dr. Reiser and suddenly nurse Fassbender is there as well – what a joy to see her. A final advice from Fassbender’s wisdom: “Even, when your hair is back and you look fit and healthy and everyone is expecting you to be yourself again, give yourself time! Your body will need another six month!” Thank you ❤️

I am looking forward to say good bye to my blown up cortisone face and body, the aches and pains and all the rest – I look forward to reading or any concentration span that lasts longer than one minute, eyelashes, eyebrows and hair, everything….. I am tired, drenched, but relieved! Good night!

4 thoughts on “7 February 2018

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  1. Liebe Alexandra,

    kennen Sie die Situation vor dem Computer zu sitzen, etwas -einigermaßen Sinniges- “zu Papier” bringen zu wollen und doch fällt einem nicht´s ein? Viel zu schreiben habe ich nicht. Es ist mir aber ein Bedürfnis meiner Bewunderung Ausdruck zu verleihen, mit welcher Art und Weise Sie diese gesundheitliche Herausforderung angenommen und auch so eindrucksvoll offen kommuniziert haben. Klasse.
    Alles Erdenklich Gute – gehen Sie weiter Ihren Weg.
    Herzliche Grüße vom alten Freund Ihrer Eltern 🙂
    Gerhard Siepe

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  2. Hallo Alex,
    Das Schild “last Chemo” hat mir ein Lächeln auf’s Gesicht gezaubert. Das zeigt wie sehr man doch mitfiebert bei Deinem schweren Gang über die letzten 7 Monate. Bali steht nun nichts mehr im Weg auch wenn es noch ein paar Tage dauert bis zum Abflug.
    Ich freue mich für Dich!

    Herzliche Grüße

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