13 June 2018

Lesson learned! I need to slow down…. reflecting the past weeks, tiredness dominated my days and having to be at radiation every morning filled up my scheduled pretty much.

Thank you so much for the support and all the lovely messages – it means the world to me ❤️

I check with my alternative practitioner Frau Kakizaki, if the acupuncture could be related to me being sick and having a headache.

She says that my pulse was prior to acupuncture already showing that there was tension in different elements meaning that my body is trying to mobilize the last energy reserves. I need to recharge my batteries and that headache and vomiting are often a sign that the autonomic nervous system being disturbed…. aha! She also says that I did not gain weight, but have water retention – that could have been it, as the extra weight is gone now 😎

Well, it was simply too much and even though I first attempt to go to the running Mamas, I spend the first half of the day in bed and my first activity is to pick up Leo and going with him to CUT for a summer trim.

Tomorrow morning I will start with the chemo pills – 30 minutes past breakfast and dinner for two weeks! Nurse Fassbender recommended to drink a bit water beforehand in order not to have a dry mouth! Babysteps toward my next milestone and despite some appointments, Maja and I booked a back massage for tomorrow 🤗

Tonight I will go to autogenic training and riding the bike there will be my #stepupfor30 physical activity! And I just saw that we are up to £240 🎉🎉🎉!

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