14 June 2018

Oh, how could I not mention it – my life has changed! Yesterday was the first day I no longer needed to wear a sports bra 24/7 – one step towards normality and I am happy I can wear everything I want now! The hot temperatures were really calling for lighter clothing…. yeah!

As far as I am concerned now, I am cancer free – the tumor rest is in some petri dish or garbage bin and my new chemo, which I take this morning and tonight, is there to keep the sleeper cells quiet – that is my way of thinking and I am taking step by step back into normality.

#Stepupfor30 – I start the day with an hour of „gentle yoga“ at I’m possible yoga in my purple Bowel Cancer UK t-shirt and love it. The peace on the wooden deck, the singing birds, the blue sky and the fresh air…. I ride my bike to Nippes for a joined Thai back massage with Maja and back for physiotherapy with Frau Dietrich. So far, a lot of appointments, once again, but they are all good for me!

I see the psycho onchologist Frau Gattinger for a last time and it is beneficial as well! I cross the cemetery to take the tube to pick up Mia – two years ago today my buddy Matthieu passed away…. cancer! And I miss him so much ❤️

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