15 June 2018

#stepupfor30 – £260 – wow!! I have a treat for you today – my physical activity of the day is called plogging! A mix of „plocka“ (Swedish for „picking up“) and jogging, where you combine running with picking up rubbish…. a win-win sports idea! Thank you Doro for the suggestion! Anyone else having fun ideas?!?!?

I am feeling a bit nausea, but nothing extraordinary and I still manage to drop off Mia in Kindergarten, have coffee with Nisha and rest before I pick up Leo for music school – which is fun nowadays, as I can spend time with Jakob’s mum and my friend Simone while the kids tootle along 😉

My hair is slowly but surely growing into a helmet, but the extreme curls are apparently only a cortisone side effect and will ease away… still, I need a trim!

This afternoon I get another present from my mummy friends – as a new milestone is starting – a Thai massage voucher ❤️

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