16 June 2018

#stepupto30 challenge meets aqua fitness… last time I joined my cousin Sylvie doing it, I was pregnant, but it is fun and a British guy doing picturesque ballet moves, give the whole thing a funny synchronized swimming touch and makes my day….

While getting changed I meet Nadine, who I have not seen for ages – we met at a prenatal weekend class four years ago, met regularly and she making us fit again with fun outdoor exercises – and it is so nice to see her! All fresh and fit, we go back to Sylvie’s place and it happens – oh joy – to be backyard fleamarket time in her area…. Yipehhh – I scroll and buy to much, but love it.

Now it is my turn to look after the kids and we go to Lia’s birthday party, I return with fed kids, who only need to go to bed and I am super proud of myself for handling everything by myself and snuggle with them while reading their bedtime stories and my heart is melting – this feels normal and normal is good! I am not on the full chemo dosis though…. actually my oncologist laughed at me, when I told him my weight „oh, then I don’t think five pills are even enough“ and he laughed again …. I am glad two kilos were just water retention and I am ready to present a lighter version of myself next time 😉

It sounds strange, but somehow I look forward to regularly being at the oncology pioh again, to see nurse Fassbender and the others and to move step by step toward my last chemo pill. Being checked regularly also gives me a certain security and by the looks of it, my bosom buddy Paula and I are on the same schedule and it is nice to do this last leg of our journey with her ❤️

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