17 June 2018

#stepupfor30 – cleaning up the cellar and getting the stuff ready for next week’s flea market …. pfewww!! I am so exhausted and my body hurts!

It’s football time – Germany’s first game and we are watching at a BBQ party at Alex and Lea’s 🇩🇪 I am tired, but troll along…. my energy level is decreasing, but during half time break I manage 15 min. on the trampoline with my kids – anyone with pelvic floor issues will understand the level of pride I feel 😂

Not that I am a football fan – I don’t even know all the names of our national team 😉, but during the World Cup, I love the vibrant atmosphere, the community and happiness …. but Germany loses and instead of cheering in the streets, it is quiet and we silently plod home – I am so tired and the hot flushes seem to be stronger than in the past. The kids cuddled up with me for a bedtime story make my heart explode though! I will have a quiet night and am glad that nothing is planned for tomorrow – office day I guess, as there is quite a bit of paperwork piled up next to my flea market mountain 😉

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