11 July 2018

Tired, but happy….Mia was in kindergarten for breakfast and lunch and is super happy, while I went to my running mamas, have a coffee and run some errands, I pick up four kids on bikes from kindergarten and all goes well, I attend our home owner’s meeting and bring the kids to bed…..Holiday is booked, five days Mecklenburg Lake District between the Blogger4Charity event in Berlin and a party in the west 😉 and yes, I do too much, I know, but there is a light at end of the tunnel, as Mia is staying in Kindergarten now and hopefully there will be me time and rest time soon! My onchologist recommended resting and vitamin D (never would have thought that this was possible during summer 😂)…. will have to make time. And I want to just sit somewhere quietly with a book …. next week! Maybe 😉

Fundraiser – €592 …. whooohooo!!

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