12 July 2018

Oh, my little girl… she waves me off and runs into the play kitchen in Kindergarten…. „I will be back after lunch! Do I get a kiss?“ Quick kiss and off I go to my alternative practitioner for reflexology and acupuncture, while I am clinging to my phone!

Frau Kakizaki gives me a mild look – I am apparently running on emergency power and shall take more time out…. next week, for sure! She looks at my tongue and feels my puls before and afterwards and apparently ‚it‘ flows better…. whatever it does, it calms me down and she hit apparently some ’super points‘, which shall give my body extra power to recover! I will try not to use it for useless tasks, but rather look forward to less pain in my joints…. even my fingers are really stiff now 😜 Apparently it shall also help with the heat, water retention…. we shall see!

Am picking up the kids and drive to Bonn to collect Markus from hospital. Mum is leaving tonight and I will be stuck with getting the kids ready, etc. but I am taking time off before she is leaving – right here, right now!

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