13 July 2018

Stuff, it is just useless stuff, which stresses me today! Why? I use the time while the kids are in Kindergarten to tidy the flat, prepare the folders for kindergarten and go to lymphdrainage, but I am restless….I have to pick the kids up at 1pm nowadays and three hours can be very short.

I should bring our pram to Andrea, who is due on Monday, I should get the parcel with baby stuff & presents ready for Conny, I should get the maternity clothes ready for Markus‘ sister and the ’starter set‘, who will pick it up tomorrow – it is a pile of stuff in the bedroom, which needs sorting, should should should….but I say NO. As soon as the household aid is here and Markus back from the doctor – on crutches, but pain free and fit – I go upstairs and sleep…. it is a constant battle of balancing rattle and rest and I make more of an effort now. More NO, more rest and I enjoy the rest of the day with my kids!

The pain in my joints is apparently from a lack of rest – now that this is the third time I hear it this week, I am more determined to stop. I don’t always have much of a choice, but I have a choice… rest, relax, enjoy the day! I am late with a lot of things, but hey, I will get there!

Andrea’s husband will pick up the pram, I have both kids in bed early and will sort the stuff now and if it is too much, I will do it another day.

My cousin will pick me up tomorrow and I will have a day off, while Markus, his sister and his brother-in-law handle the kids! Hmmm….

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