14 July 2018

Today I am on a secret mission and sleep is the key!! I sort all my stuff and am in bed by 1am, which I deeply regret as Mia cries at 5am and wants to join me…. thankfully she falls back asleep. Leo joins us just before 6am, snuggles, but is awake…. the minute he leaves to join Markus in the living room, I fall back sleep and Mia and I sleep until 9am…. bliss! I feel like nothing is too much….

Want an extract of my crazy life?!?! My neighbour Maggie joints me in the kitchen, as I am baking pancakes with the kids in our PJs, while speaking to my cousin Sylvie on the phone, while holding Mia…. Markus sorts out our builder and joins us and while I try to talk to all, Leo tilts the coffee machine and some coffee spills on his hand. I put Mia down, grap Leo and put his hand in cold water, the pancakes start burning, I ask Markus to take them off the stove and the smoke alarm goes off…. Maggie decides to leave, Leo’s hand is fine and I laugh my head off! My crazy crazy life …. and these are the moments I love most ❤️

My mission: my baby brother turned 40 July 3rd and tonight is a surprise party his wife organised. Markus‘ sister and brother-in-law help Markus with the kids and I am on the train to Munich …. my Mum is arriving at appr. the same time on a different train and my friend Anke is meeting us at the station. I will sleep at her’s tonight, as she lives next to the airport Munich and I have an early flight back in the morning…..

Did I mention that I looove surprises!?!? I cannot wait to see his face and call him this morning to coordinate next weekend, when I will go with him to Zugspitze for a fishing and wellness weekend – just the two of us…. And I am equally excited! „Have a nice weekend“…. little does he know that we will see each other in only a few hours already.

Mia and I drop off a few things at the postoffice and feel that my energy levels start dropping! Perfect timing to now sit on the train with my cousin Sylvie’s daughter – her grandfather is on his way from Salzburg to Munich right now to pick her up…. it all works like clockwork…. I love it when a plan works 😉

Will only post this when my brother arrives…. whooooo…. the excitement 🤗, but will try to relax now, have lunch and ice cream work, on the kid’s sticker book and look out of the window…. I love train journeys – optimistically packed loads of stuff to read 😉 Oups…. she might be sick now…. hmmm…. poor thing!

I have my chemo pills with me, but today there is no room for cancer … Happy Birthday, Micky! Love you ❤️

Emotional, great, funny – what an evening at Kim & Co …Anke and I are in a taxi now, exhausted, but happy and I am glad to spend some extra time with her now! Good night!

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