1 August 2018

Boobs, bosom, breast, bust, falsies, foobs, melons or lemons…. whatever you call them, whoever you are… rich, poor, tall, short, big, small, male, female…. check them on the 1st, as breastcancer can hit anyone!

It’s the pot calling the kettle black, as I am the worst example and NEVER checked! I found my lump by accident – under the shower, but I was lucky that it was on the outside…. not all the lumps are detected easily and it is not all black & white! Maybe the skin is different….. there are many signs! And don’t think you are safe while undergoing treatment – cancer does not play fair 😉

That should be it for news of the day…. proudly complete LaufMamaLauf with my running Mamas in what feels like 100 degrees, have millions of builders at home, do a pointless trip downtown and am really ready for Mia’s play date in our splash pool, while Leo’s play date has been outsourced …. I feel like an old granny, even stiffer post sports, but hey…. I am in a good mood today and look forward to a few events and our holiday lined up in August!…. and there is yoga tonight 🙏

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