2 August 2018

I am at work today! Well, not really, but I visit the office to hand in my sick note. I chat to my colleagues and it feels like I am back… and what do I do – I want to write some articles I was asked for anyway and have my laptop with me – I join my colleague Bernadette and ‚work‘ in the office…. yes, I could relax instead, do something else, but this little blink of normality feels so good and just like a glimpse of the daily grind I used to live in! I am a visitor though…. visiting my old life, visiting my old normality, I am still part of it, but I am also really far away from it all!

My daily grind is something else now though and from Monday the kids are on summer break and my new daily grind will be upside down again, apart from my doctor’s appointments. I am happy and scared, but the happiness wins….

I will have to run the summer on reduced speed, but I will just invent a light version of summer holiday fun, which I am fit to do, but without any decrease in happiness and fun and I already see the smiling faces of my kids! Summer holidays, no alarm clocks, no rush, sun and fun and loads of ice cream, love and happiness and my mind smells sunscream and BBQs…. hello summer!

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