3 August 2018

Markus drops off the kids this morning for the first time since he has been to hospital, but no rest for the wicked – our cleaning lady arrives early and turns everything upside down and I have planned to do something nice for myself today….. guess what – coffee with Simone, then a quick meeting with my Cologne Cancer blogging buddies and off to the public pool …. that’s the life!

It is always amazing to meet Don, Conny and Sabrina. Check out their Facebook Blogs! We all have or had cancer, we all blog about it, we are all different though, have different cancers, different issues…. we listen to each other, understand each other, accept each other the way we are, the decisions we make…. the dynamics are amazing and I know that there is more to come!

And after swimming, eating fries – without sharing 😜 and chilling a bit, I am ready and relaxed to pick up the kids for the summer holidays and spend the rest of the day in the garden – with Simone, her family, water and a BBQ – TGIF!

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