5 August 2018

An alliance – that is what we are…. we are on this path together. No matter what cancer, no matter what background, I feel the special connection between the cancer patients – it’s the sense of understanding without words.

Chemonurse Fassbender says you cannot go along with everyone and at one point, you need to distance yourself, as there will always be new patients, but I feel that I want to stay….

Sophia contacted me yesterday. A young mother of a little baby about to face her first chemo and I try to help and it makes me happy, if I can just make a little difference!

Someone, who really makes a difference, is Nicole aka Prinzessin uffm Bersch…. this breast cancer survivor and wonderful mother of a handicapped son, has created an amazing website with tons of information and wants to help anyone diagnosed with breast cancer, but is also actively ‚out there‘ doing good and increasing awareness. Check out her site on Facebook – this lady is such an inspiration and help to so many people! I am honored that she asked me to write my story for her blog.

I am weak today, stay all day at home, play with the kids and rest, while Markus takes them to the zoo in the afternoon.

The past weeks, there were a lot of bad news, these moments, when you learn about reoccurrences, metastasis, death and despite the fact that all handle it differently, it touches all of us…you feel helpless, angry, frightened and often it simply pulls the rug out from under your feet! We had not heard from our Insta friend Tom for ages…. yes, I had the worst thoughts, but today he wrote to me and it made my day! Thank goodness!

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