6 August 2018

🎵🎶🎵 Monday – Music therapy day….oh what joy! I am glad we sing not only English and German, but also African and Maori songs, as my mind does not attach to the words – I actually have no clue what it means or quickly forget it and my mind takes off on little adventurous journeys. Today I fly through the coulds, dance along the beaches of the South Pacific, think about myself, but I also run through our grocery shopping list…. it is a rollercoast ride, I cry, I laugh, then I have trouble strike the right notes, but the last song is – as always – uplifting and I go full of happy tunes to see my psycho onchologist …. and yes, she is right, I need to give myself more breaks… easy in theory, but with two little kids, it’s such a difficult balancing act!

I only have three long lashes left, but put on happy nails and try to keep the positive vibes 🎶🎵🎶

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