7 August 2018

Renewal of eyelashes happens serenely every few months…. generally it is a gradual process, but for me, my new lashes decide to renew themselves all at once! Now is there any need for that?!? I heard that after a while it goes back to a gradual renewal… fingers crossed that this won’t be too long!

Ok, we are having first world problems here and to be honest, I am not as devastated as the first time I lost them, as there is immediate regrowth!

Today is apparently the hottest day so far … therefore the kids and Markus go to the pool and I take over after my alternative practitioner, BUT… instead of going straight to the pool after my appointment, I learned my lesson and will try to rest!

I will need my energy for tonight, as I gave my chemo sisters – my mummy friends who supported me all along chemo – concert tickets for Christmas…. thinking that this would be over, thinking that I would have already thrown my „thank you all – I am cancer free“ party…. but hey, I no longer plan ahead too much! I really look forward to tonight 🤗

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