8 August 2018

It is amazingly warm at almost 30 degrees at 11pm, when Simone and I cycle back from the Philharmonia concert „The 27 Club“…. it feels like I am in a mediterannean country, as the warm air blows trough my hair and the Rhine river sparkles in the night… I am filled with happiness as I return home – the concert was a trip down memory lane and it was great to share it with my chemo sisters, who I a so fortunate to have in my life. They are not actually chemo patients, but my mummy friends, who virtually held my hand during chemo and if it would have been allowed to bring someone along, they would have joined me, they gave me a chemo playlist, books, vouchers, lovely cards, gadgets…. and I get another present and card for completing chemo cycle number three – these crazy chicks…Andrea joined us despite her new baby Änne not even being a month old and I was well impressed! Christiane, one of the four, was ill, but Kindergarten mum Nadine stepped in last minute and I enjoyed it – despite my hip hurting in any sitting position 🤦‍♀️

The day also marked my end for my „Dry July“ fundraiser for DKMS LIFE and I had a Spritzer last night to celebrate…thank you for all the donations! Already via Facebook, we raised €645! But you can still donate via the DKMS LIFE’s website – subject „Kick Cancer Chick“!

Today – crazy madness and pure happiness to have the kids at home all day and Berlin is coming closer, where I will meet a lot of my virtual Insta friends, who are so dear to me…. goosebumps! I take a time out though, when household aid Steffi arrives and will have an early night, as Markus is going out tonight 🤗

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