9 August 2018

“I am telling you for the last time” chemo nurse Fassbender gives me a lecture.., and I know that she means well! “You have to say good bye to your cancer – tell him that in November you are parting ways!”

It makes me think, yes, definitely we are going separate ways, yes, I need to identify my energy killers, yes, yes, yes, but…. my chemo brain is running slowly today and I will process the information later πŸ˜‰

“I told you – this is the hardest time – you are still in treatment, but look healthy and fit!” and yes again – I feel the weakest since starting treatment! And I try to do whatever is good for me – in this aspect I am doing worst since starting treatment! Maybe I am tired of it…. maybe I want to be strong again and try too hard… I will concentrate on the highlights, which lie ahead of me!

Markus and the kids are visiting their grandparents and I can rest when I get home…. I am so exhausted just from having physio therapy and seeing the onchologist – but today is the first day of my chemo free week and I have my little doctor’s examining me thoroughly, so I can finish the day with some light Yin Yoga πŸ™

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