10 August 2018

Teeth – I never had good ones and I was always scared of losing them, had horrible dentist visits and the simple thought of visiting a dentist would give me shivers – not even the little rubber animals I was rewarded with could help! Yes, I definitely ate too much candy, the creaking of my grandma’s candy drawer would let me drool like Pavlov’s dog, I was happy each time I could get away without cleaning my teeth and my dentist really made me suffer a lot, if there was something that needed mending – the dentist practice smell was enough to make me sick 😉

My dentist in Cologne is great though, he fixed all my teeth, I learned that it does not have to hurt and it’s like a little social event to see them – in a way I now look forward to these visits, but it is still one of my worst nightmares that I could be loosing my teeth and I look after them!

Having your teeth cleaned professionally, is something I was not allowed to do during my last chemos due to the risk of an infection, but I got the ok yesterday and my dentist has a free slot today! I never thought I would be so happy to go – one more step towards normality!…. despite the fact that I almost fall asleep there 😂

Bones can suffer from chemo and there is more tooth bleeding and all this fun stuff …. I was worried about my teeth during chemo, but my teeth are all ok and I am over the moon and drag myself home to take over the kids. We are baking a cake, watch a little movie and I am – yep, I know, I am repeating myself – tired, but happy with those little rascals ❤️

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