11 August 2018

My kids are going for a few days to my Mum’s before we pick them up for our holidays…. I want to spoil them beforehand, give Markus a lay in, make yellow and green pancakes, play silly games and let them watch their first 20 minutes of Sesame Street – ever – and it brings back all my childhood memories with Ernie, Cookie Monster and the rest….loads of cuddles and kisses and off they go!

Oh, I have so much to do, to sort, to pack, +500 unread emails, unopened letters, piles of stuff, I need to pack, …. but I just need some sleep… and a massage… and first of all… coffee!!

They leave me at IKEA….oh, don’t ask…. and I lunch, scroll through the ailes humming a song, buy things I think we need …. no, no tealights… and what is anyone else’s nightmare – IKEA on a Saturday – is something I suck in in slow motion, having a coffee, chilling on the displayed sofas and watching the crowds….the arguments of the old couple, who cannot agree on where to sit in the restaurant, the happiness of the young couple discussing baby gear, while he softly tickles her babybelly and the funny lady who cannot decide what colours the embroidery on her friend Elke’s cushion should have, as her taste is more ‚country style‘ …. it is a bit normality I watch, tired, but happy and since I cannot carry it all home, I get a DriveNow Mini – convertible of course – turn up the music and drive home to do absolutely nothing….apart from getting the candy drawer out and eating junk food without anyone watching!

Despite all the resting, the tiredness and all – Markus and I will out tonight – even if it is only for an hour….I need fresh air, sunshine, friends, food, wine and Schillplatz – one of my favorite spots in Cologne!

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