12 August 2018

#BraveBrightBeautiful – that’s what I want to be, but in the mornings it’s normally #OldTiredStiff…. not today though…. I am waken by some rays of sunshine on my face at 9:00am – peace, quietness and warmth fill the room and I can just turn around, linger in bed and have a first quiet coffee, while doing nothing!

I facetime with my kids – they are all happy, excited, knights in action and adventurers getting ready for a trip to the dear park with my parents … Leo was sick last night, had a fever and vomited – my poor baby! It is good to see him all happy and feisty ❤️

What to do with this beautiful day, when I don’t have to save my energy for my kids?!? Oh, no worries – there is a long list and I will randomly pick one or two things or just meditate, chill, read and have more coffee in bed! Heaven 🤗

I am looking after myself today, pamper myself, will put on comfortable clothes, some make-up, treat myself to a nice breakfast somewhere …. but maybe I sleep a little more and listen to myself – self love inside out …. even if it’s sometimes hard to love yourself, I still try to look after myself – mindfulness makes me #BraveBrightBeautiful!

#BraveBrightBeautiful is an initiative DKMS LIFE started – what makes you #BraveBrightBeautiful? Tell us, use the hashtag and tag DKMS LIFE!

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