11 February 2019

#Fatigue – what is that?!?

Are you tired? Why don’t you sleep a bit more?!? If it was that easy….

I check Wikipedia:

Cancer-related fatigue is a subjective symptom of fatigue that is experienced by nearly all cancer patients.

Among patients receiving cancer treatment other than surgery, it is essentially universal. Fatigue is a normal and expected side effect of most forms of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and biotherapy.[1] On average, cancer-related fatigue is „more severe, more distressing, and less likely to be relieved by rest“ than fatigue experienced by healthy people.[1] It can range from mild to severe, and may be either temporary or a long-term effect.

Fatigue may be a symptom of the cancer, or it may be the result of treatments for the cancer.

So, what helps? If only I knew…. I start to feel the fatigue in May/ June during radio therapy and the only relief I had was after my cure in Avène, but it was only that I suddenly had single days, where I would not feel like I had participated in a marathon during the night 😉

Sports helps and now I shall try Talasar pills for 10 days. It is a natural product with saffron…. If there is no improvement, I shall stop using it and I actually would not mind… the Swabians have a reputation of being tight, but €29 for 30 herbal pills?!?! Let’s wait and see….

Since fatigue never stops me, I still join the others to go to Bernau after breakfast on Sunday. We see the snow sculptures – or rather the leftovers – and I hit the slopes for an hour until it storms and rains. What to do?!? I am exhausted and stuck in Bernau, but I find my way home and finish my first beanie in the crafts room with lots of ladies singing along horrible folk songs blasting out of the radio. I don’t like the music, but I enjoy the atmosphere, the colours, the creativity and company.

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