12 February 2019

There is fresh snow everywhere and the clouds open. I feel the warm rays in my face while doing Qi-Gong and I feel happy.

I feel I have arrived in rehab mode. The new doctor wants to see me today, as the lung test shows that my volume is restricted, which is probably due to the pneumonia I had December 2017…..She examines me, as I am coughing and says I should not trivilise my cold. She takes aqua gym and walking off my schedule, as I have a bit of a temperature, prescribes some medication and I shall see her first thing tomorrow morning.

While the vibration lounger is loosening my tight muscles, the psychological group session catches my interest. There is one man amongst us breasties – yes, men can also have breast cancer – and it is a new perspective.

I have a vibration therapy for my fingers on an Anduflex cushion and now I want to go to the crafts room before I have a single session with the psychologist…. I stroll along, at ease, and look forward to a little rest in between taking in as much sunshine as I can. It feels so good….

What I forgot to mention yesterday, is the blue fatigue brochure I received. It is published by German Cancer Aid, German Cancer Society and German Fatigue Society.

The blue guidebook series includes approximately 150 brochure, all well researched, tailored to patients, relatives and anyone interested. They cover all different types of cancer, but also related topics like prevention, fertility, fatigue, etc. Not only do they give answers to medical questions, they also offer help and show perspectives. The booklets are available with most onchologists or can be ordered directly via the German Cancer Aid website.

Deutsche Krebshilfe (German Cancer Aid) is a non-profit organisation financed purely by donations and definitely something worthwhile supporting.

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