23 February 2019

Hello World, hello Life!

Since my cold stuck like glue and the doctor heard something in my lung, while my inflamation levels are high, I was put on antibiotics on Tuesday. There is improvement… finally …. at long last and I am glad I had booked a day trip to Freiburg today!

Rehab recap so far….

Todtmoos is an internet free zone and mobile reception is next to nothing (at least for Vodaphone clients like me – they dream about 3G, but only get Edge…. in some place). As a consequence a little bit of digital detox comes in quite naturally for a while and I deliberately decide to not buy hotspot access and take a time out, but it is lovely to finally update my FitBit (it actually believes that I have not slept for a week 😳), check my messages and do anything I cannot do on my laptop…. and another highlight is to catch up with my fellow cancer blogger buddy Leukofighter Alex, who could not make it our blogger workshop, but who actually lives in Freiburg!

He shows me around town, there is Guggamusic blasting through the alleyways and it is great – the sun is shining, we even see the French Alpes, I see and learn a lot about Freiburg, but most importantly, we chat away and it is so good to see him!

Due to my cold, I have now missed out on two weeks of sport. Actually, I still did all sport programmes like mobilisation gymnastics, Qi Gong and yoga, as my pulse does not even rise, but I got the no go for swimming, aqua gym and walking…. in a way, the calm was good and I hope I can be back on a fitter track starting Monday!

What did I do in the meantime after my kids departed?!? I am the proud producer of a knitted hat and scarf and I used the sewing machine the creativity lab to make a hoody and cardigan for myself, a loop Mia and long sleeve for Leo …. I am reading and sleeping and it is good!

I don’t think that this rehab is increasing my fitness level, as it seems to be tailored to people, who are very sick, old or have never done any sports, but I still benefit, as I can do things my way.

For now, my main goal is to find back into normal life without a household aid and after April 1st into working life…. rehab is actually planning my reintegration with my employer and I am guided into the next steps: getting signed off sick from the day after rehab until the end of reintegration and registering with Arbeitsamt, as the health insurance payments end March 9 – which is ok, as the pension fund payments, which I get during rehab, will continue to be paid until I am fully back in job…. there is a lot going on and I am grateful that I am getting the support!

What are the rehab people like? Everything and anything… all walks of life, but I am one of the younger folks…. and now I am on my little pensioner bus returning to rehab!

Beteilige dich an der Unterhaltung

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