27 February 2019

Gee, I really should play the lottery…..

According to the rehab doctors it is a miracle that I have not developed a lymphedema yet, as we are being told – and no matter if only one sentinel was removed or 20 lymph knots – the following are total no gos for us:

– sauna, sunbathing or any kind of heat (oups….18 months of sauna…. guilty)

– increasing your circulation (no extreme sport, no massage, no heat…. whoops…. I love massages and my sports)

– weight lifting with the concerned arm (no lifting of anything heavy actually, no working with weights, etc. and no yoga positions, where the arms hold any of my body weight…. same goes for push ups, etc….. hmmm…. tubes, push-ups, burpees, yoga…. guilty in all aspects)

– extreme Probleme fast movement with the arms (no Nordic walking… – I might be ok here 😉)

Apparently, you can develop a lymphedema years after your sentinel removal and once you have one, you keep it forever. Hmmm…. I think there is more panic than necessary, but I shall be cautious – in some areas 😉

Rehab recap – I feel still extremely exhausted and I have no idea how to handle everyday life, but will give it a go. A bit of normality is maybe just what I need… step number one – learning to handle life without my household aids. Step two – finding back into working life: Reintegration will start April 1st and if all goes according to plan, I should be up and running by mid May…. theoretically! The doctors don’t think that this Willen enough time, but it is the maximum they can suggest and my doctor at home needs to adjust it according to how I am coping. I just hope that the fatigue will go away …. the miracle Talasar pills did not do their magic, but at least I tried! I enjoy the peace and quietness, the sunshine and will benefit as much as I can from the sports offered! Our walking rounds have really accelerated and after climbing the stiff hill to the clinic, I need a break! I sneakily sit in the sun for a wee bit enjoying my time before the weather shall turn tomorrow…

Oh and yes, we watched the Karneval parade with „Narri Narro“ instead of „Alaaf“ confetti instead of „Kamelle“…. what an experience…. as long as you don’t start comparing 😉

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