1 March 2019

#feelitonthefirst – did you know that you need to not only check your boobs, but also the area around it until you reach the collar bones and arm pits?

Start with a visual check – is anything different? Any lumps, dents, any change of colour? Continue to examine the entire chests area laying on your back and side using the three middle fingers. Move in little circles all over your chest area in rows like a lawn mower. If you are not sure, there are several instructions how to do it on YouTube and websites like Brustkrebszentrale.de!!

There is no screening programme in place for people under 50 and you know what, in the mammogram my tumor was in fact hardly visible, as smaller and younger boobs are too tight for good results! Ultrasound would be a better, but it is not part of the regular check up…. and therefore it is your responsibility, as you are the expert, when it comes to your body and you need to look after it!

I will not get tired of repeating that I only found my lump by accident and I had only been to a regular check with my gynecologist three months earlier and there was nothing…. another three months later and I don’t want to imagine what the consequences would have been – I could literally watch my tumor grow and it scared the hell out of me…. breast cancer treatments have many options and advance fast, but the chances get slimmer the later the cancer is diagnosed.

My rehab is coming to an end and the endless days of sunshine as well…. my skiing plans will probably be replaced by more knitting and crochet work – anything that helps to get some feelings back into my fingertips 😉I will give you an update once I leave the black forrest, will digital detox a bit longer and try to find a bit of Karneval in Todtmoos!

I feel that I benefitted from the rehab, as no matter how fit, unfit, awake or tired I am, I had a time out to focus only on myself and I could mentally recharge my batteries…. the fatigue is still there, but today is actually a good day – right now I feel slightly more awake (which might be different in an hour, but I am grateful for any small improvement along the way)! Onwards and upwards ❤️

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