5 March 2019

I am on my way home…. the Black forrest dressed for the occasion with sugared trees, as it snowed again last night… I have never been to the black forrest, but it is so beautiful. As we pass the last mountain before reaching Freiburg, all is covered in deep snow and I love this winter wonderland… we follow a snow plow and see the black clouds hanging over Freiburg – it is breathtaking …. I love the nature, the snow, the funny accent and the wooden houses, but enough is enough and I look forward to going home!

Would I recommend Todtmoos and the Wehrawaldklinik? It depends what you are looking for…. I made the most out of my stay, but I feel that it is one of the quieter rehabs from what I heard from other rehab facilities and I would have loved to see more yoga, meditation, relaxation, creative therapies and maybe creative sports, like Zumba or any feel good activities. Half of the patients are here for psychosomatic issues and they had by far more activities like that.

I am happy they do, but why would you not offer it to cancer patients? Isn’t our soul entitled to relax, unwind and try new things? Isn’t cancer something that can cause mental stress?!? Don’t we classify?!? Is rehab only looking at the physical side of things? If these activities are offered at the clinic anyway, why not offer it to cancer patients as well?!?

I have benefitted from the rehab and would say that it was ok, but I would not rave about it… I kept a little bit quiet and to myself, but some connections I made were special and especially during my last week, I enjoyed the company and conversations, but I really wanted to focus on myself and the peace and quietness!

What are your experiences, my fellow cancer folks?! What were your expectations?

I wanted to tackle my cancer fatigue, I wanted to get fit again and hopefully loose some weight (which was a success, but not due to any programme the clinic recommended, but just sports and healthy nutrition and being sick for two weeks), have some mindful me time, where I recharge my batteries (and the quietness and rest certainly were good for me), have someone work on softening my scars (I had once a week lymph drainage, so that helped) and return fit and strong into everyday life….. I doubt that I am much fitter or stronger, but I will wait what it will be like once I am at home!

Next step – Karneval in Nippes with my kids this afternoon, hopefully a wee bit of Karneval for myself tonight and starting my life without a household aid tomorrow…. wish me luck!

There is a new tab in my blog „What helped me?“ with things that helped me during therapy and I will continue to talk about rehab and follow up care! Let me know what you think and if there are any tips you would like me to include….

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