6 March 2019

9:45am and my FitBit Alta vibrates like crazy blasting fireworks to celebrate my 10.000 steps mark…. and no, I just started my sports programme with LaufMamaLauf. The simple trick was to celebrate Karneval until the wee hours of the morning 😉

I won my FitBit a month ago, just in time to test it during my rehab!

Can I recommend it?

Yes! By all means! It wasn’t love at first sight and I still don’t like the fact that it isn’t waterproof, as I love to swim and I get angry, when I leave the pool and my FitBit moans that I have not moved for a while… but generally I like those little reminders and I celebrate the fireworks I get – stop wherever I am and have to watch it!

The ultimate highlight is the monitoring of my sleep though! Fatigue is making my daily life difficult and now I know that I sleep very restless and have something I can work on…

I am back in my daily routines of doctor appointments, administration nightmares and regulations, but it all adds to my FitBit step account and that motivates me!

Beteilige dich an der Unterhaltung

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