7 March 2019

It is now 18 month since my diagnosis…. 18 month of doctor’s appointment, chemos, operations, radiations, paperwork and waiting rooms…. cancer comes along with a big administrative package!

So far I have ticked off a lot of points on my cancer journey, but today I am closing another chapter. My entitlement of sick pay ends this week and I need to go to the unemployment office to register as unemployed. I have never been unemployed and I am amazed how busy this place is….

Now, what does this mean? The unemployment office has a department for the chronically ill and normally I would now go from sick pay to unemployment benefits.

During rehab I get an allowance from the pension fund and if I start my Reintegration within four weeks after rehab, this allowance will continuously be paid until the reintegration is completed.

The people I wait with are from all walks of life…. old, young, different nationalities and I am wondering what their stories are… there is the macho, telling everyone how it works, while the fragile old man feels uncomfortable being here…

After an endless wait, the official is lost and has no idea what I want…. apparently they have never had a case, where the pension fund continued to pay …. I still need to register with them according to the social services. They have all my details and will call me back!

I receive a call from my dentist. The 3D ultrasound found that there is an infection in my jaw bone…. I need a root treatment in one tooth and another one in the tooth next to it, which was done 25 years ago…. the bone will then hopefully heal itself!

Problem 1: the bisphosphonate therapy can not start next week

Problem 2: I need to go to a specialist and am facing costs of appr. €1.800/tooth…. I need to speak to my insurance company, as my dentists thinks that it is unlikely that they pay….

To sum it up – I had enough…. it really is a never ending story and I just want to go back to normality and don’t want any further treatments!

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