21 November 2017

Doctor's Day!! I see Prof. Dr. Breidenbach for my monthly check-up and the tumor shrank from 6mm to 4mm. That is great, but somehow I expected more, as after the three big chemo, it went from 2cm to 6mm and now I had another big one and two little ones.... well, at least it shrank!... Continue Reading →

20 November 2017

No voice and I think I am close to loosing it now... the rest I mean πŸ˜‰ This is the most annoying thing I have ever experienced (apart from four years ago, when I went to Oli's birthday bash in Mallorca without a voice, but that did not last this long - by far). One... Continue Reading →

19 November 2017

"OMG, you actually have no voice, just like you wrote in your blog... ;)" - my school friend Anne-Karen calls me today... Yes, true and yes, I try to just listen, which obviously does NOT work... but I love it. This is it - these special friendships and these special conversations are all worthwhile loosing... Continue Reading →

18 November 2017

We all have a cold now... it is that time of the year as well, I guess. So, we take it easy and take turns to rest. I look after Leo at lunchtime and Markus is taking the kids to a game park in the afternoon, so I can have a rest. It annoys me... Continue Reading →

17 November 2017

This block of chemo is a walk in the park πŸ™‚ My fingers are a bit numb, but not too bad.Β The coughing is more annoying, but I am getting there! I just had a lazy Friday morning with Leo at home until Markus took him to Boulder Planet with some other kids and dads. Sandra... Continue Reading →

16 November 2017

Chemo day, yeeehaaa! Well, blood levels are low, but ok, 37,1 is no fever and just a bit swollen throat is ok - off we go! Chemo nurse Frau Block is wonderful giving me cough drops and a little dish with salt. I did not know that, but if you put that on your tongue,... Continue Reading →

15 November 2017

Woke up fully dressed between children's books at 3:00am.... I might have been a bit tired πŸ˜‰ It is frustrating though, as I cannot really read to them at them moment, but we are finding ways and hopefully I will get my voice back one day.... Despite all, I still went to see Tabea and... Continue Reading →

14 November 2017

OK, I will stop whinging about my early rising kids... they actually played quietly from 5:00 - 6:00, apart from Mia singing "Schlaf, Mia, schlaf" (I wish!), so that is a start....whatever it is, full moon, easterly wind, a phase... it will eventually pass πŸ˜‰ My cough is better and my voice is coming back... Continue Reading →

13 November 2017

4.50am!!! Well, it was my turn to stay in bed longer, but with two screaming wee firemen full of energy, I cannot sleep... At least they play with each other in such a cute way that my heart is melting away ❀️ My lungs are really hurting now and I almost lost my voice completely.... Continue Reading →

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